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    Stone Fields: Algorithmically Generated Formations by Giuseppe Randazzo  

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    Artist on tumblr - @Caitlin Hackett is an illustrator and creature concept designer based out of Oakland CA.

    I create work that reflects both my passion for the natural world, and my sorrow over its destruction. I am fascinated by the fragile boundary that separates humans from animals, and the way that boundary is transformed and illuminated in mythology, religious symbolism and fairy tales alike throughout different cultures around the world. I have art available for sale at www.caitlinhackett.storenvy.com


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    These “coffee kiss” sculptures are part of an ongoing series by Chinese artist Johnson Tsang. Started in 2002, the series is named after a local drink called Yuanyang, which is made using a mixture of three parts coffee and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea to perfectly represent both Eastern and Western cultures.

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    Andreas Volwahsen

    Living Architecture: India - 1969


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    Nails - Traitor

    Show your true self.
    Your loyalty runs thin.
    You want to be liked by everyone.
    Two-faced faker, fucking traitor.
    Your feet are firmly planted.
    On both sides of the drawn line.

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    Giger / Alien piece

    by Searing Limb


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    Zdzisław Beksiński

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