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    Bruce Pennington.

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    Bruce Pennington

  4. cross-connect:

    Matteo Capobianco, aka ufocinque born in Novara in 1981 is a graphic designer and street artist living and working between Milan and Novara. Despite of his age, he’s already an affirmed name in the european street-art scene, and he’s often busy collaborating with companies, art galleries and creative events.

    The work of Ufo5 is characterized by the huge presence of symbolisms, labyrinths and magic signs; he uses to paint our society’s virtues and vices through metaphores and symbolical images, often using the evocative power of the lone black and white.


  5. myampgoesto11:

    Surreal anatomy inspired illustrations by Artist on Tumblr DIVIDUSSociety6

    My Amp Goes To 11: Twitter | Instagram

  6. fer1972:

    Street Art by Eduardo Kobra

  8. davidvangough:

    'This thing of darkness, I acknowledge mine'-2014-Oil on canvas- 36” x 48” at Bash Contemporary -5th September-5th October

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    Tibetan Mastiffs are apparently Pokemons.

    10/10 would ride it into battle

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    Behemoth live in Concert beim Out & Loud Festival 2014 in Geiselwind am 30. Mai 2014.

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  14. morbid-libido:

    Gustave Dorés illustrations for The Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost

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    I find that people who are often bored, firstly, don’t have imagination, secondly, don’t have tumblr and thirdly, haven’t meet the perks of knowing great architecture, and if you combine the 3, you’ll have endless(scroll) fun.
    I wish happiness to all my (future)followers.

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